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Thank you for your support over the years!

We are no longer hosting Nicola's Triathlon

We hope the smiles here 'speak a 1,000 words!' Since 2010, Nicola's Triathlon for kids has been an opportunity for fun, friendship and fitness and 9 years of making smiles for those involved as well as the kids at the Hospital for Sick Kids who have benefited. For this reason and so many others, it is certainly hard for us to say that NKT 2018 will not happen.

We can never thank enough the participants and volunteers who have generously donated their time, talent and energy year after year at Bayview Glen. We know for sure Nicola is smiling.

With thanks always, Carmine and Judi

nicolas tri for kids in Ontario

Bring Home the Nicola Cup!

The first goal for the event is for the kids to have fun and be exhilarated by their accomplishments - participating in the event is to be a wonderful experience for our kids. The second goal for the day is to raise money for research through your donations. 100% of the donations are placed directly with the research projects.


Kids Triathlon in Toronto Ontario

Kids helping kids

Join Nicola’s Kids Triathlon TODAY. The philosophy of the event is Completion not Competition. We want each child to feel the exhilaration of personal achievement while helping other children. If you are interested in volunteering for this year's triathlon, please see our information page.


Last year’s Winner: Royal St. George College

Thank-you to all the kids and schools for participating. See you next year. Join Nicola’s Kids Triathlon TODAY. 

Photos & Results

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Blaney Mcmurtry triathlon
Univeris for kids triathlon