'Both my kids participated and I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the event. It was so great to see the kids having so much fun! It was so well organized and so many great activities for the kids. 
We really hope to make a tradition of the event and do hope you run it each year. It really was a success. Congratulations!'


'Thank you for a fantastic event today. My son had a wonderful time and was very excited to complete his first tri. The event was so well organized, the volunteers were terrific and the atmosphere was tons of fun. Looking forward to having all 3 of my kids participate next year.
Thank you!'

Cee Cee

'I just wanted to congratulate and thank you guys so much for an incredible afternoon. Our whole family had the nicest day and you did such an amazing job of organizing everything so well. Way-to-go!!!'


'Amazing Day!
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say ''WOW''!!! What an amazing day! The event was extremely well run and an amazing turn out, especially for its very first year. My kids had a ton of fun!' 
Jen"; "'I just wanted to congratulate you and Carmine on organizing such a great event in memory of Nicola. Everyone I talked to said it was a great day and the organization was amazing! The kids involved had a great time and I hope you ended up raising a lot of money. Congrats and hope to see you soon.'


'Thank you for letting it be possible for my daughter to race today. She is 5 and at that marvelous age where she believes that her big dreams and goals are completely attainable. She was so excited to run in the triathlon and the smile on her face while she was swimming and biking and running was priceless. We should all take a page from these kid's books.... When you grow up so many times you dream small dreams in order to protect yourself from disappointment or failure...well not once did she say -I can't do that.- Today she was my hero.'


'It was indeed a fabulous event, and so well organized! Congratulations and thank you!'


'I can't thank you enough for organizing this. My 10 year old son (who doesn't really like soccer, baseball, etc and is more into video games than running,) was so proud of himself for completing such an accomplishment and can't wait to do the next triathlon. He said I am going to train every day. I was so impressed with the organization, everything - what a great job and a great legacy in your daughter's memory. Thanks again. Can't wait until next year...'


'Thank you very much for a great day! It was my children’s first tri and they left having had a very positive experience.'