Race Day Guide

race weekend guide

The Race Weekend Guide has been sent via email to all registered participants.  It is also posted here.  Read the Guide carefully for arrival times, parking info, where to go, race kit pick up etc.

Getting Ready for Nicola’s Tri

Congratulations for registering for Nicola’s Triathlon For Kids! If you are like many of the registrants and it is it your first triathlon you likely have a few questions about how to get ready. Whether it is your first tri or your 5th, be sure to take a moment to review the information below with your parents. It will help to ensure your day will be so much fun you will want to sign up for next year’s Nicola’s Tri as soon as registration opens. 

Equipment Needed to Participate in Nicola’s Triathlon

  • Swim Suit
  • Swimming Goggles (optional)
  • Bicycle (road bike, mountain bike or tricycle – training wheels are welcome)
  • Bicycle Helmet with chin strap
  • Running Shoes (sorry no Crocs or sandals)
  • Water Bottle
  • Sun Hat and 2 Towels
  • Sunscreen

Pre Race Day - Bicycle

Be sure to have your parents check your helmet and bike before race day. Check for cracks and chips in the helmet and make sure it fits correctly. The helmet should feel snug and not slide around with movement. The straps need to form a V-shape around each ear and the chin strap should fit securely. Helmets must comply with either CPSC, SNELL or ANSI standards as indicated by a label on the inside. We are sorry but no helmet – no race. 

Although bike inspection is not required it is recommended and a good idea as we enter the summer cycling season. Inspections at a bike shop will include checks on brakes, steering, wheels, tire pressure, chains and pedals and help to ensure you have a safe and fun ride. 

If you have any questions about fit or bike readiness – take a quick visit to your local bike shop...they can help. 

Race Kit

Pick up your packages on Saturday before race day from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the race site parking lot 225 Duncan Mills (building next to Bayview Glen Junior School). Package pick-up is available from 10-noon on race day morning. 


Event parking will be in the parking garage at 105 Moatfield Drive.  For convenience We have also arranged for a separate bike drop-off area directly across the street from the main event site.  Because of the traffic in and out of the parking garage, it is highly recommended that all families drop off their bikes first.
The recommended route to the bike drop-off is via Moatfield Drive from Don Mills Road (first stop light north of York Mills).  Access from Lesmill Road and Valleybrook Drive to Moatfield Drive will be possible but will be slower because Valleybrook Drive will be single-lane access only. 

A few reminders for race day

Be sure to arrive 1 hour before your child’s age group start time to set up the bike and gear. Remember to note exactly where your bike is racked to make transitioning easy. 

Be sure to bring two towels, one to put on the ground for your race gear and another towel for a quick dry after the swim. A water bottle with your bike is also a great idea for a quick drink before the cycle and run. 

Many volunteers are scheduled to assist participants. We ask that parents stay out of the transition area except while helping ages 5 and under participants. 

Safety Rules

On race day, participants will be able to find volunteers easily by looking for the yellow T-shirts. Volunteers will be stationed throughout the race course and are there to help participants throughout the day. All participants must follow directions given by race volunteers.

Important note for parents: Parents are not allowed into the Transition Zone, Pool or on the Race Courses except to assist participants ages 5 and under.  This is an Ontario Association for Triathletes event for ages 6 and older.  For more information check the rules at http://www.triathlonontario.com/

SWIM: Children participating in the 5 and under waves must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 or over. Even if your child can swim unassisted you must be within arm’s length of him/her while they complete their swim. Athletes 7 and under may use water wings or lifejackets. Fins and flutter boards are not allowed. Due to limited space we ask that other ‘fans’ not attempt to watch from the pool deck. The bike and run course is wide open and allows terrific viewing throughout. 

BIKE & RUN: All participants must mount and dismount their bikes in the designated lines just outside of transition zones. No participant may ride his/her bike in the transition zone. 

Each athlete must be sure to wear a shirt for both the bike and run sections of the race.
Parents are encouraged to assist children to count the number of bike laps.

TRANSITION ZONES: The Transition Zone is a large, secure area just west of the pool and swim exit. In this area, participants will transition between the swim and bike and the bike and run segments of the event. If you are participating in a team, your fellow team members for the swim and bike segments will be waiting in the transition area to be tagged by you before beginning their race segment. 

On race day, participants will leave race their bikes as well as line up helmets and running gear in their designated area. Volunteers will be available to assist preparing your gear carefully in the transition area. All bike racks will be marked with age group signs. Be sure to be courteous to other participants while transitioning. 

After the swim each participant will find his or her bike and equipment and change into cycling gear. Participants then walk their bike through the transition zone to the Bike Exit. A reminder that bikes cannot be mounted until the participant passes the clearly marked Bike Mount line. 

After the cycle each participant must dismount their bike again prior to crossing the Bike Mount line. The bike is then placed back in the designated rack, helmet is removed and the participant prepares for the run. Participants then head for the Run Exit sign and go off down the Betty Sutherland trail which will complete the final leg of the triathlon. 

The race will end at the finish line where there will certainly be much cheering from family and friends. 

Please note for the triathletes' safety we ask that parents of children ages 6 and over NOT enter the Transition Zone to help their child(ren) after the races have started. We have plenty of helpful volunteers who will ensure your child(ren) find their bikes and equipment etc. and get safely onto and off the bike route. Only children ages 3-5 may be assisted by their parents as well. 

RELAYS: The first athlete (swimmer) starts with the timing chip, completes the swim and then runs to the transition zone. In the Transition Zone, the first athlete takes off the timing chip and passes it on to the second athlete who then completes the bike segment to the transition zone. Upon return the second athlete passes the timing chip to the third athlete.. The runner then completes the race through to the finish line.

Post Race

Nicola’s Tri is also a fun fair - complete with jumping castles, BBQ, face painting and games.