Training Guide

Although the Nicola’s Triathalon is about completion and not competition, we have added a few training suggestions to get you fit and ready to make the most of your race day. Bringing a friend/team member along will make training just seem like fun. 

Swim: Get to a pool a couple of times and try out a few lengths with your goggles and swimming cap. Try to do full lengths without touching the bottom. 

Run: Get out jogging or running with your Mom or Dad (they could use it too!) 2 to 3 times per week. Start with 5 minutes of continuous running and build up to 15 or 20 depending on your age. Participating in your spring school track and field program will also help. 

Bike: On the weekend, go for a bike ride in your neighbourhood or put your bike in the car and go with your parents to a park. Again start with shorts rides or 15 minutes and gradually build to 60.